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Depression in India

What causes depression

Depression is a termite that once managed to penetrate our brain, then it corrupts our entire conscience and makes us hollow and empty and then many people leave the battle of this life in the middle. And like a suicide, they sit down. It is said that if a weak person cannot commit suicide, then the person who does it must have been very courageous, so what would have happened if he had shown that courage in defeating depression?

Do you know that according to data of W.H.O 26 thousand 400 crore people around the world are in the grip of depression at this time and about eight lakh people commit suicide every year due to depression after losing their lives. Suppose our brain is a laundry box in which we store our dirty clothes and whenever we get free time we clean all the dirty clothes and decorate it back in the cupboard but we do not do this for our mind We keep accumulating the thoughts, deceptions, rejections, misbehavior and many such thoughts in our minds in our mind and never think of clearingor cleaning our thoughts about which frustrations and what concerns. We just fill it with such negative thoughts, because our human brain does not give an alert like a phone to free its memory, we never get to know about it and in this unintentional way we become depressed. They go sunk in the marsh.

You might be shocked to hear that depression is the second most important cause of suicide in the age group of fifteen to twenty years! Isn't it enough for us to be aware of who else is going in our future? Those who have not yet grown up in the manner, do not know the A, B and C of maturity, they are depressed? So much has changed in a decade that such astonishing figures have been kept in front of us. Where are we lagging behind? After all, why is our social life shrinking so much that we do not know what are the names of our neighbors? Is it not our duty to help them, to raise their hands for them? What was the goal of our life if we are not contributing to the creation of an efficient and mentally healthy society.

It is high time that we take these things seriously and people like us who are mentally strong or have defeated the depression, they should hold their hand and take them out of this team, ask them, know about it somewhere else. We do not come from among us and remain unknowingly, even at times we make them more distracted. Why? Because we do not know how to deal with such cases. Stay alert, be aware of the people living in your neighborhood, maybe give a helping hand to someone's life, think about what Barkat you will be entitled to then in the house of the above. For the last two decades, the trend of the small family has increased where the elders of the house are sorted and the children live with the parents, then the parents are busy in their tasks and the children then create their own hollow world where someone who is listening to them It does not happen and then the child also understands that it is good to not tell.

You will probably be well aware of the fact that 90 percent of the depression cases are due to the urban population because the trend of seprate family is still not so much emphasis in rural areas, parents have plenty of time for children and children are Growing up playing with grandparents. Strong both mentally and physically.

Our goal is that we become the creators of a skilled society and if we are living in the city too, then improve our social relationships, now you must be thinking how to identify such people? There are some signs for it that I am sharing with you

A person suffering from depression may have the following symptoms

1. Unrestful or not interested in anything The feeling that is characteristic of major depression is a chain of behavioral and physical symptoms.

2. These may include changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behavior or self-esteem.
3. Depression can also be associated with thoughts of committing suicide.

4. These people can experience such feelings:
Mood: Anxiety, apathy, general dissatisfaction, guilt, disappointment,
5. Lack of interest, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings or sadness

6. Sudden behavior change, excessive crying, irritability, restlessness, or social isolation

Physical characteristics

7. Sleepiness or early waking up, excessive sleepiness, insomnia or restless sleep
8. Extreme hunger, fatigue or loss of appetite
Cognitive: lack of concentration, sluggish activity or thoughts of suicide
10. Weight gain or weight loss

State of depression in India
Depression has been ranked by WHO as the biggest and leading cause for global disability. It is also a major contributor to suicide deaths. Worldwide, depression increased by 18 percent from 2005 to 2015.
According to a recent WHO report, India is the most depressed country in the world, overtaking the United States and China. Maximum cases such as anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorders were found in India, most of which do not come under cognizance. 6.5% of the population is suffering from some form of mental illness and this proves that there is a very large number of patients in India and professional doctors who take care of mental health.
Is the difference. With only one doctor available for every 100,000 patients, this ratio is quite surprising.

This growing number is very sad for India, where it is not easy to help because we still see it associated with absurdities like madness and ghosts. The average suicide rate in India is 10.9 per lakh people.
Another disturbing fact in the report is that about 80% of the people who get mental illness cured in India do not seek any kind of treatment and there are more than 1500 crore people suffering from mental illness who are being treated. And it was projected to grow to 20% by 2020.
If depression is left untreated, depression can cause many problems, especially in juvenile cases. Adolescents do not understand mental health conditions and remain unaware of it, they continue to suffer till adulthood.

How does depression affect the body?

Depression pushes the body and brain into the trap of death. Physical and mental impairment at these stages is seen as a serious problem and can be difficult to overcome. When the brain becomes entangled in a web of extreme negativity, its work force declines. Typically, the brain becomes unable to handle stressful situations due to high levels of dopamine secretion. Excessive depression hurts the part of the brain that controls our emotions and motives, producing dopamine for a toss which makes it difficult for the body to process negativity.

Treatment of depression

There is no easy cure for depression, but social support, emotional support, and therapy can cure depression. People who experience confusions and depression, often with sadness and pessimism, may go through intense feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, negativity, and helplessness. In such a situation, people who love a victim should take care of people suffering from depression.

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