Thursday, March 18, 2021

Five elements of body

Affinity of our soul and air

The most important of the five elements is Vayu which keeps our body alive and Vata is also one of the three Doshas of our body in the form of Vata, which is our soul in the form of breaths.

Pitta, phlegm, the rest of the body, and metals cannot go from one place to another on their own, the wind carries them in the body like you would have seen the clouds in the sky move with the wind. Therefore, of all the three doshas present in our body, Vayu Dosha is the most important because it is present in every particle of our body and this is the factor that causes life in our body as well. As long as there is air in our body, our life force is alive and we are old, imagine what if this air escapes or is removed from our body, our body will stop working and when the life force stops working then We will be called dead, therefore it is said that life is everything in the body.

 Relation of air with Nature and with us

Air is the factor that carries the blood, metals, feces, etc. in our body to their destination. What if this action stops?

Even while sleeping in our body, when our body is inactive and all our senses are resting, the air is still doing its work in our body. Air is the outermost factor that directly connects us to nature which we call the Svayana Kriya. This is the air that we use in our body's activities from nature.

Have you ever tried to hold your breath?

Of course, in childhood, we keep doing such tasks regularly, you will remember how suffocating you felt when you closed your nose and stopped your breath. Can you guess from that experience how the condition of our body will be if there is no air and the rest of the body will remain smooth? Isn't it clear that air is the basis of our life or should I say that air is life itself?

We have always heard that when the soul gets out of the body, then the person dies, what is this life, is its air, nor does our respiratory activity stop when our body dies, that is, the air leaves the body. And after that the human body becomes rooted.

You will be well aware of the fact that our bodies can live for 8 to 21 days without food and 3 days without water, but can you tell how long we can live without air? Without air, we will die instantly. It is clear that air is not acting as a defect in our body, but as a virtue, without which you cannot imagine life or imagine the body.

The conclusion

It is a joint in which we and our body and nature are there and because it is the basis of our life and life, is it not necessary that we ensure its quality. If the air is polluted then our breath will be corrupted and our body will be contaminated by it and our soul by it. Tampering with nature is a factor in our dissolution.

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