Thursday, March 18, 2021

How to overcome with Depression

How to cure depression

 If you too are going through mental pressure or feeling depressed, then surely you must be looking for a way to get rid of it and want to feel alive again, then you must practice pranayama and meditation.

How to meditate at home

I have discussed with you in my previous article how breathing is better by pranayama and your body becomes more energetic, not just the body, but also the trillions of arteries in your body, which usually do not work in a person's life cycle. With this you can also make them more active, make your depressed brain healthy, positive and intense and for this you will have to give only ten minutes in a day. Our physical body and visible body (which is externally visible) is the conductor of all of these, our soul i.e. pranamaya kosha. This operation is completely invisible which we cannot see and which we do not even imagine, then what is this invisible power? Who is handling it? And how is it being operated on such a large scale at the same time among all beings, is it not a miracle

In this sequence, we must have given the name of this invisible power to God, which we cannot see, that God means our soul is our God and we only have to recognize it. Meditation is the only means to connect your soul to your body.

Meditation steps for beginners

1. Take only ten minutes of your daily routine and sit in solitude and closing your eyes may be difficult in the beginning, if you find it difficult, then do this exercise with your eyes open.

2.Take meditative posture

3.First try to calm your mind

4.Tell all the thoughts going on in your brain that they would empty your brain for a while.

5.Realise that your brain is now completely zero and there is no thought in it

6.Now your body and mind, that is, through which you talk without any sound, which we want to talk in the mind, by understanding it yourself, consider your gross body as a physical structure

7.Gradually, you will be able to align with yourself (body) and Brahma (self or mind) and you will get used to it.

8.Then you close your eyes and focus on the top of your nose and between the two eyes, and keep doing the same practice, during this time keep your brain in mind zero.

9.Choose one of the mantras that you can pronounce easily and pronounce that mantra.

10.In this way you will get used to meditation pranayama.

The benefits of this are miracles, and what I have realized is divinity, it not only made my senses better through meditation pranayama but it gave a new dimension to my life. I have a lot of change in my behavior. I do not get unstable very quickly as before, I do not get distracted by the situation. I realized that the physical body is just a medium to keep the routine running smoothly, in which our invisible life is safe.

You ask yourself, whenever you face any problem, you say to a certain person or thing that this is my problem? Do you have any problem? No, all these are invisible and our conscience makes us worthy of combating these things. We do not chase the problem by punching or kicking it, but by using our self- realisation we drive it away.

You will be able to experience many such things with everyday practice. Start it today.

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